Vivion Scully

Vivion Scully Head, Global Digital Services Investment Promotion, Jampro

Mr. Vivion Scully is the Head of Global Digital Services Investment Promotion at
JAMPRO (Jamaica Promotions Corporation) the government’s investment and
export promotion agency, which connects investors and entrepreneurs from
around the globe to the trade and investment opportunities available in the
leading sectors of the Jamaican economy.

He is currently involved in the planning and implementation of strategies to
increase foreign direct investment in Jamaica's Global Digital Services sector.
Vivion has assisted some of the leading global BPO and technology companies
in investing in Jamaica, which now employ over 50,000 people and contribute
over 1 billion US dollars annually to the local economy.

Vivion previously served as head of JAMPRO's North American Regional Office
with offices in Toronto and New York City, where he led the development and
implementation of Jamaican strategies to attract foreign direct investment into
the agribusiness, tourism, logistic, and business services industries.

While working with Gillette and Johnson & Johnson across the Caribbean,
Virion held various leadership positions in the consumer products industry.
Previously, he was a member of the Jamaican Urban Development Corporation’s Board of Directors.