Traci Freeman

Traci Freeman Investor Relations, Marketing and Growth, BPESA

Traci operates out of South Africa with a successful track record of working with diverse sector & trade associations, philanthropic as well as non-profit organizations and private firms across numerous sectors. She manages investor relations, marketing and growth for BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa).
A key focus has been in youth employment within the Global Business Services (GBS & BPO) sector where her role as country representative for the Rockefeller Foundation and the ‘Digital Jobs Africa’ initiative focused on digital transformation and linking marginalised youth communities to employment opportunities. This became what is now globally acknowledged within the GBS & BPO sector as Impact Sourcing – A global network of businesses creating jobs for those most in need through the power of procurement and global supply chains. Ultimately this culminated in the launch of the Impact Sourcing Chapters for Africa, UK & Ireland and North America.
Having engaged in the Global Business Services Sector (GBS) for the past two decades she has been involved with and driven regional and global industry bodies, industry awards, research reports and publications and global events such as CX Outsourcers.